How long does it take to build a website?


One of the most common questions we get from the potential clients is – how long will my project take? What they usually hear from us is – well, it depends. Most of the time we’ll require more details about the project or a specific brief in order to estimate the time required.

There are a few things to keep in mind though when you’re planning your project. So, from the initial stages of discovery and planning to a complete website ready to go live – how long does it actually take?

It’s not that easy and not simple.

The duration for a web design project vary. At Louis Technologies we understand that no two projects are same. That is the main reason why we treat all our clients with a bespoke approach and a tailor-made plan designed purely for their specifications. We can however say that an average development or design project may take somewhere around 8 to 12 weeks,depending on the requirements. 

What are the things to note for?

Here are few important factors that determine the duration of your website project. Remember, fewer pages will take just less time to develop when compared to a larger site. Adding animations and other complex variations may take some extra time as well. Sometimes, you may request us to refresh your brand approach or even start with SEO. Some points that have an impact on the length of the project are:

1. Sitemap or the number of pages: What is the size of your website? How many pages do you like to include?

2.     The complexity: Are you interested in adding any complex features to the website?

3.   Design requirements: Do you already have  brand developed or just beginning everything from scratch?

4.Content: Have you got an idea about the content that you would like to feature on your website? What kind of messages you would like the readers to know from your website? Though we can guide you with some input about the content strategy, you know your customers better and you should give us a strategic planning for the same

The project process

Now you may be wondering why 8 weeks for a project completion. Read more to understand the entire process here. 

Week 1: Understanding the requirement

We first discuss with you about your requirement, your business and the project we will work on. We get as much details as possible from you and set up things correctly. With this solid base we will have a team discussion and discuss how to proceed things further. This includes the hosting plan, design strategy and so on

Week 2-4: Base design and flow

During this time we will come up with an idea about the theme. We will provide you with three different designs and you will be at the liberty to choose from them. Based on your choice we will have a strategic plan and proceed accordingly. We focus on the users and their web experience during this time and we will make sure you are happy with the proceedings. 

Week 5-6: First Demo

Once we confirm the design with you, we start with the coding process to give out the design just as you have confirmed with us. This is when we include any other complex versions that you need and other additional data to be included to the site. Once this phase is done most of the work is finished and we will set off with a final demo which includes a Q&A with you 

Week 7: Final Demo

This is when we have an elaborate talk with you. Once you check the final demo and ensure everything is in place its time for a Q&A session. You can clarify your doubts with us and if you want to include anything else it is time to do it. 

Week 8: It’s live 

Ta da..your website is live by now and its time to celebrate. If you are wondering what is next? Well! Most of our clients enter into a long time business relationship with us and we will add you to the list. 

Ready to start your project with us? Give us a call at 97901 98281 or drop in a mail at, we will be back with a wonderful solution over a cup of coffee.

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